Energy as a Tenant

Our energy assets act as a tenant on your property, with PowerShare as the property manager who takes care of the process from upfront financing through to installation and maintenance. This allows commercial & industrial real estate owners to integrate renewable energy solutions in a way that meets ESG targets and generates revenue.

Our Solutions

  1. Solar Generation

  2. Smart metering

  3. Battery storage

  4. Generator

  5. Power sold to market / portfolio

  6. EV charging


Unlike conventional solar installers, Powershare unlocks greater revenue potential for the property owner by modelling the size of the solar system on maximum available roof space rather than tenant needs. Powershare also covers all costs upfront and takes full responsibility for solar installation and maintenance. Tenants can still access their roof whenever needed.


Smart metering allows for accurate tenant billing and optimises the value of energy produced and stored, ensuring it is deployed when and where it is most needed.


Storage significantly reduces demand charges and overcomes potential network issues. A key component for commercial & industrial buildings in operation after daylight hours.


Onsite EV charging points provide tenant perks whilst unlocking an additional revenue stream. Each model is created bespoke and this can be added or removed as necessary.


Excess power will be sold to the most lucrative sources available, whether portfolio properties, nearby properties or the grid.