Renewables are Revolutionising Real Estate

We transform commercial & industrial real estate into renewable power plants, unlocking revenue streams for asset owners.

Step 1: Bespoke Analysis

We identify where smart energy infrastructure will increase net operating income for your portfolio.

Step 2: Value Creation

We configure multiple Energy 2.0 value streams to provide you with the highest possible returns.

Step 3: Start Earning!

You earn returns whilst we maintain and monitor your energy assets to maximise yield over time.

Preparing Property Owners for a Greener Future

Asset owners are under pressure to meet ESG goals. But until now, only tenants have seen the financial benefit.

Powershare harnesses the next wave of clean energy solutions to ensure owners earn while tenants save.

We keep the process simple, so you can transform your commercial real estate into a more resilient, sustainable and profitable portfolio without becoming an energy expert.

Energy like never before.

We are clean energy experts dedicated to creating renewable solutions that unlock value for everyone.

We've partnered with the best in the energy business to create a cutting edge solution designed bespoke to meet the individual needs of each property owner.

We understand that investing in the right energy solution is challenging, and it's our mission to make sure profit and planet can truly coexist.

It's time to unlock your portfolio's potential.